3 Ton Bleu Blonde Rose Couleur Synthétique Sallyhair 24 pouces Jumbo Tresses de Haute Température Fiber Extension de Cheveux Ombre Tressage Cheveux

extension hair for braids, tresses ombre jumbo

Tissage Crochet

Perruques tressé. Freetress three strand braids. 24inch. 30pcs. Material grade: Twist braid hair. Folded length 41inch. Cheveux tresses femmes. Usually 6 pieces can make a full head. Shipping: 

Pour Tressage Cheveux

Material : Crochet braids. Xtrend. Wignee. 165grams jumbo braid hair. Lydia. Sage braid. Can be ironed: Pervado hair. 100g/piece. Solide. Sl-jumbo-braiding. Jumbo braids03. Tresses crochet lot. Aw002. Tresses crochet lot. Jumbo braiding hair1. 24" 100g/strand crochet braids. Aw001. Strectch length 48inch(folded length 24inch). 

Wholesale Extensions Cheveux Tressage

Alileader. . Razeal. Golden beauty. Full star black ombre blue synthetic hair. Wholesale tresse jumbo. Delice. 1 brins/pack. Crochet tresses jumbo twist. Iso9000. 100grams jumbo braid hair. Length: Bleu et pourpre tressage cheveux. Kinki tresses. Armure foncé rouge. Tresses de cheveux synthétiques. Wholesale naturel extensions de cheveux. Ombre color 27 colors for option. 100g(+/-5g)/pack. Tressage cheveux jumbo. 

Jumbo Kanekalon Tresses

Longueur de l'article: Tissage cheveux couleurs. Feilimei. Color 1, 1b, 2, 4, blue, purple, pink, yellow. Cheveux bundles tressage. I's a wig. Appareil à tresser. About 170g/pcs. Gris cheveux armure. Black blue purple red orange ...28 colors avaliable. 24 inch. 100g/ pcs. Jumbo braids06. Usmei. Numéro du modèle: Crépus torsion tressage cheveux. Ombre braiding hair. Colors : Kanekalon noir. 24ich folded length,stretch length 48inch. 

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“Special guest of Tommy Hilfiger for the events that the brand is promoting tonight in São Paulo.

Special guest of Tommy Hilfiger for the events that the brand is promoting tonight in São Paulo.